Communal elections 2023

My candidacy for the communal elections in Luxembourg-city on the déi gréng list

Since I was four years old, I have lived in the city of Luxembourg, in Pfaffenthal. This is where I went to school, where I got involved early in the local music association and where I returned to after my studies. The city is my home and I enjoy every day again what it has to offer in terms of associative life, culture, nature and architecture. And I appreciate the diversity of the inhabitants and the multiculturalism – unique for a city of this size.

At the same time, I also see that our city has enormous potential that is currently not being tapped. Moreover, we are facing enormous crises that affect young people in particular, above all the climate and housing crises. Here, our cities must also live up to their responsibility to guarantee young people a perspective for the future.

The current mayor was already in office when I was born in 1995. The last few years have clearly shown that we need a breath of fresh air in the municipality to meet today’s challenges. Fresh wind – that means new ideas, new faces and a new dynamic.

That is why I am running for the Luxembourg City Municipal Council on the Green Party list. As Greens, we stand with our candidate for mayor, François Benoy, for the much needed political change in the capital.

I am particularly committed to:

  • A climate-neutral municipality which massively expands renewable energies and supports people in using fewer resources and switching to climate-friendly alternatives.
  • Affordable housing, also for young people who can hardly afford to live in the city today. The city of Luxembourg can and must be more proactive here and make use of its enormous financial reserves.
  • A sustainable and comfortable mobility that rethinks the role of the car and puts much more emphasis on public transport, cycling and walking. This will also create more pleasant and attractive neighbourhoods with a high quality of life.

Today’s youth will be affected most by current political decisions. As the youngest candidate on the Green list and as spokesperson for the Young Greens, I therefore also want to bring the ideas of the youth into the municipal council – and do my part to give the young a strong voice.

Therefore, I hope for your support on 11 June for my candidacy and for the entire Green List!

You can find the program of déi gréng Stad HERE.

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